Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Man, we've been struck with a yucky virus in this house! 1st N, then me and K and now I think Josh is getting it. Symptoms include(but not limited to):
-Snotty nose
-Sore throat
-Ear pain(as if your ears may explode)
-Muscles/body aches
and even a little nausea/puking on my part.
This seems to be going around in our area. I hope it doesn't find you!
Nevin seems to be just about over it and it will hopefully leave K and I soon. We are already feeling a bit better than a few days ago. I'm just hoping it's minor fro Josh...poor guy's gotta work!


Veg said...

:-( Hope you all get on the mend quickly!!

Kristina said...

Hopefully you'll be better soon!