Friday, September 19, 2008

A Little Beck

Welcome to Jukebox Friday!

So we went to the cider mill today! We got some yummy apple cider slush's. They are so good. Nevin and Kieran both made friends and played and fed the ducks. Kieran got a real kick of of that! It was a beautiful day.

I'm still real nervous about tomorrow. Maybe I should just ask them to take two out and the other 2 some other time? I'm not looking forward to this. Ugh.


Veg said...

OK SOOOO jellous about the Cider Mill...

Veg has never been to one, so I plan to take him when we visit our family later next month. Hope its not too late and they are still open.

Veg said...

And don't just ask for two by the way... Go for the gusto!! Or you'll have to do it all over again.

You made it through labor... You can do this!!! I'll be routing for you!!! Don't fret!!

Remember when preparing for giving birth, there was PAIN, and there was DISCOMFORT.... Since your sleeping through the real pain part...I would compare the recovery to discomfort... It hurts but not umbearable, Its annoying... the blood is gross, feeling holes with your tounge will drive you nuts... But it is all liveable.... Just annoying. And soon you'll be talking about it and giving advice to others...

Take care... Try not to worry!! change your tea bags often... Maybe explain to the little one that Mommy will be a little Loopy for a couple days. *smile*

Melissa said...

Thanks so much Veg! You are so helpful. :) really appreciate it.
Read my post above for details of how things went...LOL!

Oh and the cider mills are open though least the one we go to is. What area will you be visiting? Feel free not to answer that if you don't feel comfortable.