Friday, February 27, 2009

An Update

Since I haven't been feeling well, I haven't felt much like blogging. Mostly because my blog would be filled with whining and How fun is that?

So I figured I'd blog about everything that's been going on.

I met a wonderful midwife named Stacia. We talked about all my concerns with postpartum hemorrhage amongst many other things and she is very confident that she can handle it. We are going to be very prepared and take precautions. So I'll be having my 2nd water, home birth! So exciting and I'm much less worried.

Stacia wanted me to have my iron levels and progesterone checked(she thought that by me having such a long cycle that it might be low). So she called with the results and told me that my blood is awesome. She said that it's funny, but with all that she hears with people complaining that you can't have a healthy pregnancy while vegan, she said that the woman with the best blood have all been either vegetarian or vegan! How cool is that? I can't wait to tell my family members this when that start getting on my case about it..hehe! So then she went on to talk about my progesterone. She said its a little on the low side....kinda borderline on when she would worry. I guess normal progesterone for a pregnant woman is between 9 and 50 and mine is 11. She said best is anywhere above 15-20. So I guess I'll be getting some progesterone cream.

Morning(all day and night) sickness is still in full force. I have found some things I can tolerate, though. Blended ice with ginger ale poured over top, eaten with a spoon and baked pita chips or carrots dipped in hummus. Yay!
I feel bad for the kids, though. I can barely keep my eyes open and the only time I don't feel as miserable is when I'm laying down. I feel like a rotten Mom. Luckily Nevin has been so understanding and has helped out by playing with Kieran and occupying him.

I do have one main worry and that my friends is Disney. We leave for the magical world on March 8th. How am I ever going to get through a plane ride and then 8 days walking through amusement parks? At least I'll be puking in the happiest place on earth AND escaping this cold weather, but I still have concerns. I mean, I'm sure they don't have ginger ale slushies and baked pita chips and hummus available on demand...haha!

I'm sure it will all work out.

Well, that's all I can think of for now. I'm so happy to be sick for such a wonderful reason and still so ecstatic!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Anyone have any tips on what to do when drinking water is enough to send you to the porcelain goddess?

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Officially Arrived

Morning sickness that is. I apologize in advance if from here on out I complain a lot about how I feel. :P I'm kind of a big baby that way. On the plus side...they say MS is a sign of a healthy pregnancy!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Belated Valentines Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful V-Day!

Ours started out with giving the boys little treat bags filled with goodies that I put together for them.

Then the boys handed out the Valentines they made!

Kieran made these:

Nevin made these:

Aren't they cute?

We finished our day by going to see Sesame Street Live!!

It was a lot of fun, but can I just say that $10 is a bit much for a balloon?? I was shocked lol. Kieran sat through the whole show, but tried to run up to the stage a few times. He really wanted to get to Elmo and the gang and didn't understand why he couldn't! Hehe.


I've been tagged by The Little Mama of The Little Lads to play along in a photo game. The idea is to open the sixth photo, in the sixth folder in your computer, blog about it, and tag six others. Sounds fun!

Here is mine.

Oh so sweet! This is a picture of Kieran in his sling when he was just itty bitty!
I can't believe how much he has grown in just two short years! <3 Love.

I tag:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Amazing Experience

Wow. Yesterday was one of the most amazing days of my life!
I was able to witness the birth of my cousin's baby! It was so fast and went so well. I never knew birth could be that way. It made me question some of my choices for a split second ...haha. I'm so proud of my cousin...she was fantastic!

Jaycee Hope weighed 6lbs 7oz and was 19 inches long. She is perfect, strong and beautiful!

I feel so honored to had been there.

Welcome to the world baby Jaycee!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

October 17th Is A Vey Special Day

Wanna know why?? Because it's my expected due date!!! That's right...we are pregnant with #3!!!! We are over the moon thrilled. We had just stared TTC and are in shock that it happened so fast! :)
I have some cute stories to share about how the boys reacted to the news, but I'll have to share later...I'm NAK'ing at the moment.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stupid Leaking Walls

So while standing in front of the mirror a couple days ago...I noticed my foot was getting wet. First I thought Kieran spilled some water, but then as I moved over, the floor was still wet. Well, turns out water is leaking in and down the wall of our closet. We cleaned everything out of the closet tonight and I had a box of pictures and other memories on the closet floor. Some of them were wet(but will dry out), and some are ruined. A few that are very dear to me are now destroyed. Pictures of my Grandparents wedding...ruined. You can't even see an image. They are just a brownish red. They must have reacted weird to the water. They are so old. Now they are forever gone. I can't get any new ones. I won't be able to show my kids and grand kids these pictures that I saved for them. So anyway, we threw a lot of stuff out. Josh was on the roof getting rid of the ice that caused this and is going back up tomorrow after work.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ellen & Portia Celebrate B-Days

Ellen and Portia had a Vegan Birthday Bash! I think they are so cute together. I bet the food was terrific!

Ellen & Portia Celebrate B-Days

By Pernilla Cedenheim

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi know how to double their fun!

The couple celebrated their birthdays with a joint bash at their Beverly Hills house Saturday, PEOPLE has learned.

DeGeneres turned 51 on Jan. 26. Five days later on Jan. 31, de Rossi celebrated her 36th birthday.

The party kicked off around 8 p.m., with many guests partying in the backyard, where deejay Samantha Ronson, who brought along girlfriend Lindsay Lohan, spun her own mix for the birthday pair.

According to a partygoer, "This is their first big party together as a married couple. [Ellen] and Portia seem very excited to have all their friends here."

Those pals included Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox Arquette and husband David Arquette, Drew Barrymore, Ben Stiller and wife Christine Taylor and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Guest were served a vegan dinner. Mindy Weiss, who also planned DeGeneres and de Rossi's wedding, coordinated the party.

Earlier in the week, the happy couple celebrated DeGeneres's 51st birthday at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.