Monday, April 6, 2009

Banana Baby Food...Hey, It Worked!

So everyone knows that I have morning sickness. Well, sometimes I just can't figure out what to eat because everything makes my stomach do flips. Last night while wracking my brain, I finally settled on a veggie burger and sweet potato fries, so Josh went and got me take out. When he gave me the food I suddenly started to gag at the thought of eating it. I couldn't even bring myself to take one bite. I felt bad that he had gone and gotten me take out and then I didn't even eat it. He was happy to eat it for me, though. :) So...still thinking of what to eat(I was starving) we came to the conclusion that a veggie stir fry might work. Smells and all that don't sit well with me at the moment so my loving husband made me a stir fry. When I tried to eat it I knew right away that it wasn't going to work out, but tried to eat it anyway, since he made it for me. Well, after 2 bites I just couldn't eat any more of it. Do you know what I finally ended up eating? A jar of banana baby food! Something so simple and easy..hehe!