Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Family Fun Day

On Sunday we went down to Ann Arbor on a whim and had a great time! We went to the book store and picked up a few books...Veganomicon, 5 Little Pumpkins Sitting On A Gate(for K), a star Wars book(for N)and a couple others and just walked around downtown and through some alleys looking at graffiti. After that we went to Seva( a vegetarian/vegan restaurant) for dinner. I LOVE this place! If only it weren't so expensive. It's just so nice not having to worry about anything or wondering if they will have something for us to eat. I didn't even think about taking pictures until we were almost finished...well they were, I'm a slow eater ;). Well here are some pics of our half eaten food. I had breakfast for dinner. Josh had Pasta Alla Bosca Nevin had a grilled Tofurkey sandwich Kieran had Penne Pasta with tomato sauce. Everyone was happy with what they got. Yum yum yum! After dinner the kids each got some sorbet to go and Josh and I split a piece of cake. While walking back to the car we heard Michael Jackson music playing. When we followed the sound we found this guy!

From what I found out...he regularly puts on these performances. We stayed and watched for a few songs and tipped him. Kieran was mesmerized and Nevin thought the guy was so cool(he use to be a huge Michael Jackson fan). It was a fun and adventurous day!


Leah said...

YUMMY!! I LOVE breakfast for dinner (especially when I'm cooking!) and even more I LOVE when food is so pretty that you feel like taking a photo of it. I felt like that yesterday, but couldn't find my camera.

Veg said...

Wow, what a nice day!! I may have to find that veg place when we visit this fall.

Zuleika said...

lol Tofurkey is such a funny word! It really tastes like turkey?
I'm not a vegan or vege, but do love some vege foods. I don't eat pork, but other meats I eat in moderation and I love fish. I'm from an island, so fish is a must. :-)

We always eat vege hamburger, sausages and chicken and we've tried tofu, but found it hard to make tasty. Well, I think the texture of it is what we didn't like. I'd be interested to try the tofurkey though. I'll have a look around the grocery stores and see if I can find some. :-)

Melissa said...

LOL. Yeah, it tastes like Turkey, though it's been a while so I'm not sure how much like turkey it really tastes as I forgot what real turkey tastes like! Haha.
We get the deli slices, though. They sell them at most health food stores.
Tofu can be tricky. Depending on how you use it...it can either be gross or really yummy! We almost always use extra firm.

Tabitha W. said...

What a lovely day!

I love to eat breakfast for dinner and dinner (leftovers) for breakfast :)

The MJ guy is hysterical!