Saturday, September 20, 2008

Go Figure!

So I was nervous all night, all morning and then get in the dentist chair, have the bib on, the dentist comes it and says "So we're taking out a wisdom tooth today" and I say "actually all 4" he looks confused, looks at the x ray and says "oh boy" I can't do those. We have to have another surgeon come out for this". Um...yeah I knew that! The appt was made weeks ago they have my records and x rays and the appt was made for 4 extractions with sedation. UGH! So I was actually really relieved...hehe! But also frustrated since I was all geared up and ready...gave myself many pep talks as did my hubby. They are going to call me Monday to and let me know when they can fit me in.

We ended up having a fantastic day. We went to a little downtown area near here and went to a consignment shop where we sold some clothing and also bought some, and got a puzzle for K. Then we went to a Japanese restaurant and had a yummy lunch. Then went to Baby Bliss and got a pair of shoes, a dress up magnet doll that K is just loving!

and this game for Nevin

which seems really cool.
We had a great conversation with the owner there. She is such a nice lady. She told us about how they are expanding their store! They will now have a much bigger space with lots more goodies! I can't wait to see it. She also told us that her nephews name is Kieran. I love to hear stuff like that, since people seem so surprised when they hear his it's so different. I've now heard of about 4 Kieran's :).
Then when we thought we were all done...we decided to stop into another consignment shop and found this!

I just looked it up on Oompa Toys and it's listed for $46.99 and we got it for 14 bucks! Score! Though it is missing a few blocks. Kieran loves it. He is just so eager to learn and soaks things up like a sponge.
We ended our eventful day at the park. The weather was so gorgeous today!
It was much better than having my wisdom teeth removed. Haha! ;)


Veg said...

Such a NICE day!! And glad the tooth thing worked out. Sounds like you wouldn't have wanted that guy anyway. Geesh! Hope they get everything straight for you.

I don't mind saying where because we will be all over :-) Between Howell and Livonia. But I'm pretty sure Ann Arbor is near South Lyon if I remember correctly (maybe) And we'll be in that area as well at least one day... I've been told to hit either the Franklin Cider Mill or the Three Cedars Farm one that also has a corn maze.

Melissa said...

I live in Livonia! How cool! We go to Parmenter's Northville Cider Mill and Erwin Orchards in in South Lyon. I recently heard of one called Spicer Orchards and that sounds cool too!

Veg said...

Hey cool.. maybe we will run in to each other and not even know it :-)

My friend is going to a South Lyon Pumpkin Festival that looked really fun, but I won't be there at the right time. Here is the link she sent me in case you didn't already know about it:

Ooh, just looked up spicer orchards they have pick your own apples still in October. Hmm... looks like we will have lots to choose from.

Tabitha W. said...

That def sounds like more fun than having teeth pulled. Glad you got a reprive :)

Sarah said...

Sounds like a great day! Way better than having teeth pulled!

BePe Baby said...

That stinks. I would be really annoyed. So much for getting it over with today..

Glad you had some fun though..

Leah said...

Looks like all those vibes I was sending your way for a pain-free day worked! ;)

Glad you had a much better day than expected, but sorry you have to wait again...sheesh!