Friday, September 19, 2008

Scaredy Cat

Tomorrow morning I am having my wisdom teeth removed...all FOUR. I'm terrified! The dentist told me that it's going to be a bit difficult for them and that they'll be cutting at bone to get them out. They've needed to come out since I was a teen. So they'll be knocking me out...which also worries me. I'll just be passed out. So weird! And what f I have to pee? What then? That's another huge concern. Also...what if K is all freaked out when my face is swollen? Still..I think I'm mostly worried about having to pee. I have such a weak bladder! No coffee for me tomorrow, that's for sure! So any of you that have had this done. Approximately how long does the procedure last? How will I feel? How long does it take to heal and what do I eat?
Thanks! LOL!


Leah said...

Good Luck! I had mine taken out when I was 16 and they didn't put me to sleep, but gave me A LOT of shots. You'll be fine!!

I always worry about the "pee" factor too for some reason.

I wonder why they call them wisdom teeth?

BePe Stroller Strides said...

I got knocked out with the gas. I remember feeling sore but not a ton of pain. I couldn't take the perks because they made me puke and that was way too much pressure to that area of the mouth.
I want to say in about 2 weeks I was good as new. But soups, apple sauce, yogurt and icecream was the diet.

Good luck.. you will be ok.. and no no no don't say 2 then 2 later.. Get it over with rather then having to heal twice and deal with the swelling twice..
ICE ICE ICE! As much as you can. Good luck! You will be ok.

Sorry forgot to change my log in .. It should be bepe baby


Melissa said...

Thanks! :)

Christina, that was great advice, thanks! Though now I'm worried the pain meds will make me puke! LOL.
I did't even think of ice. I'll have to get a bag tomorrow.

veganbaby said...

How did you do? You know I was worried about that problem too when I got my last tattoo.

Veg said...

Hope I'm not too late to send you this........ Yes I had all 4 out and the teeth were so full of wisdom that they were smart enough to hide from the surgeon.

FYI - I just laughed so hard at the pee thing!

My only feel better, absorb blood, and keep infection away advice is to stick a wet tea bag in there. Its gross, but better then gauze and numbs the area a bit.

Your kids will probably laugh at the swelling... there will be swelling... Mine were out before child, so Veg has only seen the pictres of me and he laughs. I was a chipmunk for a few days.

Some tea tree and water on a washcloth held to the outside of your cheeks may help the swelling and pain a bit if your not allergic that is.

I'm sure you know this, but if your still B'Feeding... DON'T for a few days, and ask when it is safe to do so. because the knock out chemicals they use. Or ask the doc first.

I couldn't take the meds either but think I was taking Advil or something and half the meds they gave, also had to take antibiotics because of the deep digging. But only for a couple days.

The Sleep part was the worst for me (and Hubby)
Relax the day or two after. Ice, rest, and you'll need soft foods for a while.

Blender and Food Processor can be your friend. You can do smoothies, puddings (soy variety) Yogurts (So delicious has a new coconut milk one), Apple sauce, soups, etc. Ice Creams, Shakes... You could make soy shakes.

Baby foods that you would make for your little guy. Baked potatoes over cooked, mashed potatoes....

Gosh, where was I when I had my wisdom teeth out... I had no idea then there were so many options. Ha HA HA... Amazing what becoming a Mom does.

Don't drink out of a straw it will cause dry-sockets. Stay away from smokers for this same reason. (not that you would be around them, but just in case)

OH... Rinse and spit with salt water instead of toothpaste once you can..

You will do GREAT!!! I'll be thinking of you... Sending happy healing vibes!