Thursday, October 2, 2008

So Many Projects

Since learning how to crochet I've started so many things, but haven't finished any of them. LOL! So at the moment I'm making 2 blankets, one dish cloth, and 2 scarves. I guess now I'll have some variety to work with. ;) I still only know the single crochet and haven't learned how to add another color or finish things off properly...I'll have to do that soon! I'm excited to learn some different techniques, but I'm also afraid that I won't be able to figure it out. I wish I knew someone that could teach me hands on. I'm thankful to You Tube, though...they work much better than books for me! K likes to "make" things too. It's cute watching him struggle with the hook and yarn...twirling it all around. I told N that I'd teach him how too.

Speaking of N...he had his 1st guitar lesson at the music store up the street from our house last night. He loved it! He can't wait to go back. I'm happy because he was a bit hesitant on going because he was nervous. He made the deal that if he didn't like it..he wouldn't have to go back. Today he can't stop asking how soon he can go back! :)


Sarah said...

I can't wait to see your crochet projects! I've gotten to the point where I know the single, double, and half double stitches and now I want to learn something a little more fancy :) It's fun, isn't it?

That's great about N's guitar lessons! I wish I had learned to play an instrument when I was younger!

Veg said...

Very cool about the lessons and your projects. I tried the knitting thing once. My blanket turned in to a teddy bear's hat. ha ha.... and I was done! Good for you to keep trying...

Hey, I just saw this in a catalog for your little one to really help.. Maybe? :-)

Melissa said...

Wow Sarah..I wish I learned at your pace! You pick this stuff up so easily! I love seeing your creations.

Thats really cool looking! Thanks! :) I'll keep it in mind for the up coming holidays.