Monday, October 6, 2008


So I posted an entry yesterday and there was an error when I tried to publish it and...I lost the whole thing! Nothing ticks me off more.

Okay. Well, Saturday I went to get my hair done. I casually mentioned to my hair stylist about getting bangs. Not the side swept bangs I had, but REAL bangs. He thought it was a fantastic idea. I told him I wasn't quite ready for them yet. Well, later on he how about those bangs...are we going for it? I thought to myself "why the heck not? Don't be such a wuss" and said "Yes". So he cut them. They looked great. I mentioned maybe him cutting them just the teeniest bit shorter and he did. Boy did that make a difference. He cut them much shorter than I wanted and now they look uneven(though he may have done that on purpose...I really don't think so). I do not like them them. I don't know what I was thinking. Yes I do..I was bored. Haha! I haven't had bangs since grade school. It's so strange. Josh said he likes them. I just feel so, well, different. I'm so not use to this look. I'll get use to it, I'm know, but I won't be keeping these. Start the grow out
If I get brave enough, I might post a picture of my new do. No promises, though. :P


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Ugh, I HATE when that happens! Nothing's worse than time wasted.

I had bangs in grade school too... took me a loooong time to get rid of 'em. In fact, I even had 'em in freshman year of HIGH school!

Sarah said...

I almost got bangs when I went and got my last cut! I haven't had them since high school and back then they looked so dorky LOL I'm sure you look adorable though...they are the in thing now you know :) I still wonder if I should have tried them out again....maybe I will and then you won't be alone...

Tabitha W. said...

okay, now you MUST post a picture!

every once in a while i get froggy and go for bangs. it never works. my hair is thin and they just end up looking scraggly. no worries though, they'll grow out quickly!