Sunday, October 12, 2008

Funny Things Kieran Says, Birthday Party and Visiting Grandma

A couple nights ago while sitting in bed, Kieran put his hands on his the bottom of his neck and made a grunting sound while pushing up. He looked at me and did it again saying "I take my face off" and "I can't get it off"...tried a few more times and said "Mama Take Kieran's face off". It cracked Josh and I up!!
Then yesterday at the mall, Josh took him on the elevator. He's been on them before, but these are different. They are glass so you can see out and watch as you go up and down. Well when they started to go Kieran said "We're flying!" in much excitement and when they got off K said "We were in a airplane!". He told me all about it and later we went back on the "airplane". He was so cute! He really thinks it's an airplane...or as he calls it the "little airplane". He's been asking to go on the BIG airplane now. He must remember from our trip to Florida. He liked to watch out the window as we took off.
This morning when K woke up J said "Come on Bat Man" Kieran looked at him funny so J said you're wearing a Bat Man shirt. So K looked at him in all seriousness and said "I not Bat Man...I Kieran". Hahahaha. I just love this age!

Nevin went to a Birthday Party at the mall yesterday(reason we were there) and his friend had it at a place called Ridemakerz. It's really cool. Like a build a bear for cars! You get to design your own car and come back and add more too it...make it remote control..anything. Nev can't wait to go back! He had a great time. After the mall we went to Baby Bliss(the new store is awesome) and picked up our Training pants order. It's hard finding Cloth training pants in K's size. He's just 22-23lbs and so many start at 30lbs! these were in his size range so I'm hoping they will work.

We went to my Grandma's last night and she showed me so many old pictures. It's so neat seeing my Great Grandparents, Great Great Grandparents and aunts and uncles. And learning so much about them. Well, I guess I've heard the same story a million times...but I NEVER get sick of hearing them! It also makes my Grandma so happy. We ended up ordering Pizza(no cheese for us vegans) and stayed pretty late. The kids just adore her.


Veg said...

OOh, that car place looks too fun... And perfect timing because we were looking for some thing fun to do tomorrow. :-)

Your lil' one sounds so fun!! :-)

Ariad said...

You're so lucky having great grand parents alive for your children to meet.

Melissa said...

I am very lucky to still have my Grandma and that they are able to see her. Unfortunately they don't have Grandparents around. So I really treasure her and the time we all share with her.

Have fun at Ridemakerz Veg!!! :)