Thursday, March 8, 2007


OMG I am soooo tired! As I posted last...I haven't been getting much sleep as of late. Well, last night (or should I say morning?) Kieran woke up at 4am wide eyed and bushy tailed. At 5am I finally asked Josh to walk around with him and try to get him to sleep. Josh was up for work anyway. Josh brought him back and he didn't go back to sleep until almost 6am. He didn't go to bed last night until 10ish. He woke up this morning at 7am for the day. Sheesh...does this kid not need sleep? LOL. On top of that he woke up for his usual nursings. I really hope this doesn't keep up much longer.

I made 2 cards last night! Woohoo! One is from a sketch challange at Scrap Garden.

Oh and Kieran is 7 months old today!!! :)

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Scrapbook WithVanilla said...

oh ! Poor mom!!
Jessica was sleeping through the night - almost at that age... Now that she is 12yrs old, getting her to bed is not always easy, but she sleeps through the night! lol