Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Okay, so I can now say it...Happy Spring! Though it doesn't feel very springy. It's 33 degrees, raining and gloomy. It will get better though!

We found a homeschool group in our town. We had no idea there was one so close. We've been driving all over for homeschool activities and here this was right under our noses...though it was a bit under the radar. So yesterday we met up with the group for a 2nd time. They meet at our community center. They can swim,play basket ball, ping pong, there is a cool indoor park with a huge twirling slide...all kinds of fun stuff and the kids are very friendly and welcomed Nevin so well. They have science fairs, art fairs(missed those)and have a history fair coming up. Nevin gets to choose anything he wants and make a project about the history beind it. It's going to be so fun! So, we're happy about that.

I need to start on my Round Robin layout for Scrap Garden. Hopefully tonight!


veganbaby said...

Happy Spring to you too! It has warmed up here since this morning...35 degrees! We are going outside after Desi has her snack.

Amy Callahan said...

Happy Spring!!!
That's so cool that you found a group that you guys like!!!! Yipppee!!! Now, what's gonna happen if you move to another state? LOL!!!

Melissa said...

I thought the same thing Amy. Like that we want to move! LOL!