Thursday, March 29, 2007

100 Random Things About Me

1. I'm a vegan
2. I love to scrapbook but wish I had more time to do it
3. I'm self-conscious
4. I have a card website
5. I never have enough time to make cards and make maybe 1 every other week...sometimes more often...depending.
6. I use"..." a lot for some reason.
7. I gave birth at home in a pool in my living room with my 2nd child
8. I will never have a hospital birth again
9. I'm a very sensitive person...or maybe most people are just insensitive
10. I cloth diaper my baby and no it's not hard, doesn't take much time, and I don't use pins!
11. I doubt myself way too often
12. I plan on letting my baby self wean from nursing.
13. I would never want to be younger. I feel I am wiser and a better person as I age.
14. I love Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives
15. I wish we could just throw our T.V's out and never look back...someday maybe.
16. I co-sleep with my baby and did so with my 1st son until he was 8
17. I will never understand how people say they are animal lovers yet eat them???
18. I think almost everyone is completely brainwashed
19. I try every day to unbrainwash(sp) myself lol
20. My kids are home schooled
21. I wear my baby
22. I've made out with girls
13. I have a temper
14. I'm a jealous person when it comes to my DH and other woman
15. I get attached to people and things easily
16. I've made some HUGE mistakes in the past
17. I slept with my teddy bear, Berry until I was 20. And only stopped because he was stolen.
18. I want to move out of Michigan
19. I'm lazy
20. I hate to clean but can't stand a mess
21. I feel torn between the old me and the me I am and trying to become
22. I use to be materialistic and now I'm complete opposite
23. I've never been on a plane
24. I would like to lose some weight and get back into shape
25. I had my 1st french kiss at age 18
26. I was raised a Jehovah's Witness
27. I love holidays now! I'm like a little kid.
28. I was in dance classes growing up and always wanted to be a dancer, actor, or singer.
29. I co-starred in an indie film
30. There are 2 beds in my room
31. I love taking pictures
32. I dyed my hair black and fuchsia when I was 18
33. I did a lot of things when I was 18 lol
34. I experimented with drugs when I was...guess...18!
35. I have a lot of anger towards my Mother who died a couple years ago. I also feel guilt over that.
36. I afraid of dying
37. I'm afraid of aliens
38. I'm paranoid
39. I want to move to a vegan community in Hawaii
40. I don't like feet
41. I wanted an ipod and now never use it
42. I love my husband...he's my best friend.
44. I drive a Saturn Vue
45. I have 3 cats or they have me
46. I eat organic
47. I make my own baby food for my baby
48. I can't stand when people judge others without knowing what it's like to be them.
49. I use to be that kind of person :(
50. I have acid reflux
51. My favorite color is blue... I find it calming
52. My favorite flower is lilac. They smell amazing...the smell of spring.
53. It's annoying me that I'm putting periods at the end of some of these and not others.
54. I love being near water.
55. I'm cold right now
56. My middle name is Anne. I'm not fond of it but it's my mothers and grandmothers middle name also.
57. I would love to have a little girl someday
58. I would love to be a midwife but I have too much doubt in myself. I'm working on that.
59. I want to be more active.
60. I am not dumb but use to pretend to be. Weird huh?
61. I love animals of all kind.
62. I miss my Mom sometimes.
63. I procrastinate...I just sent Christmas presents out to my brother and his family a few days ago.
64. I was locked in a dog house when I was little
66. I'm claustrophobic
67. I miss my 2 best friends from when I was younger
68. I can't sleep without some white noise like a fan or humidifier
67. I love flip flops
68. I don't like my neighbors
69. Hehehe
70. I don't like the color grey
71. I don't have a dishwasher
72. My childhood was not so good
73. I need my alone time
74. I don't get enough sleep
75. I have scoliosis
76. I love taking long hot baths
77. I'm not a big reader
78. I'm angry with my bio dad that I've recently formed a relationship with but don't want to bring anything up in fear of hurting HIS feelings.
79. I use to wear a lot of make-up when I was younger and now where little...some days none at all.
80. I'm bad with remembering names and dates.
81. My friends and I use to put in shows for my parents
82. When I was little my brothers locked my friends and I in my room, they called me Missy McIver and I cut my window screen out with a coat hanger. We climbed out.
83. I new I would be in trouble so my friends spent the night and we stayed up all soon as it turned 1am we snuck out of bed to go house to house shoveling snow for money to buy a new screen. Most people didn't answer the door and others sent us home.
84. I want to travel more
85. My kids are the cutest kids ever!:)
86. I haven't had a job outside of home in about 10-11 years!
87. I cheated on my drivers license test
88. I failed my 1st drivers test
89. I drink herbal tea
90. I hated school growing up
91. I love swimming and being in water
92. I drink a lot of water
93. I love french fries
94. I love Nick @ Nite
95. I met John Stamos, Mario Lopez, and Sasha Mitchell
96. I want to learn to sew with a machine
97. I've gone skinny dipping
98. I love socks
99. I collect old children's books
100. I'm not a morning person...night person all the way...though I'd much rather be a morning person.


madre adoptiva said...

I loved reading about all your querkiness!!! So fun!

Amy Callahan said...

LOL, great list!!! I learned a lot of cool things about you!!

zorak163 said...

Things we have in common:

3, 6, 9, 11, 13, 17, 18, 22, the 2nd set of numbering for 15, 16, 18 (I want to move back to California), 20, 24, 31, 48, 54, 61 (except for ferrets - bad experience...), 72, 73, 74, 80, 90, 92, 99

Things we almost have in common:

1 (I'm a vegetarian), 17 (I slept with a stuffed Tiger from the age of 20 until last year - as an aside, I can't believe that someone stole Berry - that sucks), 34 (for me it happened between the ages of 14 and 19), 44 (I drive a Saturn ION 3), 45 (my 2 cats are in charge of the house), 100 (I'm not a morning person but I don't want to be, either).

What I want to know more about:

The indie movie you were in.

I'm glad you did this - I had a lot of fun when I did my 100 random things - I'm thinking about doing another 100.

veganbaby said...

I don't know who Sasha Mitchell is.
We have a lot in common.
1,2,3,6, Planning on 7 and 8, 9-13, 15 we went TV free for two years and then DH wanted the TV back, but I didn't protest. 16-19. Maybe 20 when DD gets older..we'll see. 21 22,
Second set of 13. LOL the list is too long.