Friday, March 9, 2007


I had a dream last night that I had to see a Dr. due to a rash I had (in the dream). A little while later in the dream I see some of my family. My Mom, and two family members that I don't care for. I remember wondering "why are they here? I don't even like them". Then I noticed their eyes were all watery and if they had been crying. I asked my Mom what was wrong and she told me that I have the same disease that killed my Aunt Sue (odd since my Aunt is alive ans well). I refused to believe it and broke down and began to cry.

I thought it was strange.

I find myself worried and thinking about not only me dying but those that I love as well more often since my Mother passed away. I guess when somebody that close to you makes it so much more real. You know?

Sorry for such a depressing entry.


Amy Callahan said...

You poor thing, sounds like a scarey dream. Maybe it was something you ate??? I get weird dreams like that too. I think it's our brains way of coping while we rest.
Hope you have sweet dreams tonight!!!

zorak163 said...

Never apologize for being real - posts like these are often the hardest to write but they are also the ones that require the most courage and will help you the most. Just remember that although every dream carries some significance that it's usually not about what it seems…