Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Paper Bag Albums Are So Fun!

I just finished Kieran's paper bag album. I love the Basic Grey Oh Baby-Boy papers. These are out of order but you get the idea ;).

Kieran is still not sleeping well. Waking up all through the night several times. I'm getting maybe 4 hours of sleep a night if I'm lucky and it's really taking it's toll on me. Lately he's been coughing as if he has a tickle in his throat. Hopefully he's not getting sick!

On to good news... I just sold 4 cards today! And I seem to have a regular customer that has come back twice :). Now I just need to make more cards! lol.
I wish I had more time.

Well, time to eat dinner and hopefully make a card or two.



Christy said...

You did such a good job with that album and congratulations on selling 4 cards -- woo hoo!!

Amy Callahan said...

This is so freakin cool!!! I love it!!! I can't wait till it's full of pics of that adorable baby bay!!!

Scrapbook WithVanilla said...

This is totaly gorgeous! Love this