Friday, September 18, 2009


He is the cutest stinkin' kid ever! I don't think I'm just biased, but it could be...hehe!

He has a little table that he stands on and calls his stage. He likes to put on performances for me. He is so funny! Great imagination, says the cutest things and is just so full of life. 3 has been quite fun and adventurous so far.

He had been begging to go to preschool for months and he really seemed to know what he was talking about. He told me he wanted to play with friends and make me things.
He'd see a school bus and say "yay! Now I can go to preschool!". He brought it up every day, several times a day. I started to feel bad that he wanted something so bad so I decided to look into preschools, still unsure. I made arrangements for a visit and off we went. When we got there they were getting ready for Circle Time...he went right up, sat down and joined in. He sang along with songs and everything. They sang a names song. They went around the circle and had each child take a turn standing in the middle of the circle while they sang a song about his/her name. When it cam Kieran's turn he went into the middle and started dancing along to them adorable! He just had a blast while he was there.
He did have an accident and the teacher handled it so well. It really set my mind at ease knowing how she handles situation. She was very caring and discreet.
So if all goes as planned he starts on Tuesday!! I'm going to cry, I know it. He's only 3 and I preschool had never even crossed my mind. It's only 2 hours a day, twice a he won't be gone for long. It's also a co-op, so if I can manage to make it work...I'll be volunteering every so often. I'm so excited for him!

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Tabitha W. said...

it sounds like he will have a blast! only 2 hrs for 2 days a week will be nothing. you'll eventually find yourself wishing you had a little bit more alone time to get things done....after you stop crying of course ;)