Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baby Stuff

I've decided to make a list and separate things we need from things we want for baby

Car seat
Birth supplies

More Cloth Diapers
Moby Wrap

Okay, my brain must be fried from the day because I had a big list in my head and now can't think of anything! Ha!
Someone feel free to help me out. :P

I'm sure I'll be adding more as I think of them.


MishaLee said...

Melissa...if you email me an address, I will send you a faux moby wrap I've made from the tutorial at You get 3 of them out of the yardage and I have no need for 3 wraps. I made one for a friend and she says she loves it....I tried one on, but the belly gets in the way. Let me know if I can share with you:

Melissa said...

Wow...thanks Misha!

Vegmom said...

Ooh look, Vegan Family Inc is giving away a Moby Wrap:

Hmm as for other things to remember... I think with this being your third, there isn't anything I could offer ya! ha ha...

But yes, a carseat is a good idea :-)

Oh - some leak pads for your milk factory if your factory does that kind of thing...

Maybe something special on hand for big brothers so they don't get the new baby blues.

Some cooked then frozen meals so you don't have to worry as much after the birth...

Plastic cover/tarp for possible waterbreaking messes

Hmm? if I think of anything else, I'll stop back :-)

Ooh I know... A Vita-Mix... so you can make lots of green smoothies and later some baby food. hee hee

Melissa said...

Oh...what I wouldn't give for a Vita-mix!!! Sounds gross,but I've contimplated placenta smoothie after the birth...I would really want the vitamix for that one lol.

Vegmom said...

Ok, Gotta say Ewwwwww to the placenta! ha ha....

Melissa said...

Oh I know. I don't even know if I'll be able to do it! Haha! We'll see. The benefits are amazing from what hear/read.