Friday, September 25, 2009

Full Heart

Wow. I'm just amazed at the generosity of others. My heart is so full today!

I just got a package in the mail from a fellow blogger. Someone I've never met before. She made a baby wrap and mailed one to me! How awesome! Thank you so very much, Misha Lee. You are one wonderfully generous Woman. :) I cannot wait to put my lil' babe in it! I'm so grateful!

Last night was my Mother Blessing. It was wonderful. Great friends, great food. laughter, blessings, beads...just fantastic. It was great being surrounded by so many wonderful woman. I got to snuggle some babies too, which was great!

I am feeling very blessed. Now I might cry..haha.


Tabitha W. said...

that's so sweet! i can't wait to 'meet' chloe :)

MishaLee said...

cool, i'm glad you got it! i had birth circle last night and got my kind words and beads too! bring on the babies!

Sarah said...

How nice! I can't wait to see the little bundle! :)

Shannon Ryan said...

YAY!! I had fun last night too.. and thanks for leaving that pasta salad.. I ate it a lot today!!