Friday, September 4, 2009

Getting so close!

Tomorrow I will be 34 weeks along. It's crazy how quickly this pregnancy has gone bye! I had a bit of a panic 2 days ago when I realized how soon Chloe could be here(Kieran was 2 weeks early). I've been having contractions like crazy. It's not the real deal, but they are getting more than uncomfortable, slightly painful lol, but no real pattern to them. I'm feeling lots of pressure so I'm wondering if she has dropped...or maybe it's just that she's gotten so big! She is running out of room! I've also been having what feels like menstrual cramps. I'll be sitting there and for a split second I'll get the thought that maybe I'm about to start, then quickly remember that I'm pregnant and that can't happen..hehe.
So my panic set in because we are not prepared yet, so very many things need to be done around here and we can't seem to get any of it done...not to mention everything keeps going wrong in the process and adding more stress. It's one after the other...could timing be any worse?

Nevin starts "school" on Sept. 8th! I'm pretty excited about this upcoming school year! I've gotten his homeschool shelf organized and have everything ready.
We have him signed up for a Homeschool gym class that he's excited about and we'll also be signing him up for a Mad Science class and swimming lessons(his fave)...he already takes guitar. I'll be doing some preschool work with Kieran, but we are pretty relaxed here and love the idea of natural learning so we'll be doing a lot of that.

We've got an exciting time ahead!!


Anonymous said...

I just wanna say that you look amazing! You have the cutest little baby bump ever! If you need help with anything just tell me :) Can't wait to meet Chloe!!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! It has gone by super fast! I'm so excited for you!