Sunday, June 7, 2009

Universalist Unitarian Church

What a great day we had. We went to a non-denominational church today, though I don't think I'll be calling it church. We met some great people and had a really nice time. It seems like somewhere we'll fit in and will be great for the kids! I'm agnostic as is Josh so it's nice to find a place like this. It's all thanks to my friend Michelle :). After the meeting the kids played on the playground. Later an awesome singer named Joe Reilly put on a family concert. Talk about FUN! This guy is a great performer and really knows how to get kids(and parents) really into it. The kids were so cute dancing and having a great time. Not to mention the guy is not too bad on the eyes ;).
It's really earthy music too. I love that.


Shannon Ryan said...

I wish I could go.. but too far away and too early for my fam! :) You're right.. that guy is a hunka hunka!

Michelle R said...

he is SOOOO cute! glad you had a good time!