Thursday, June 4, 2009

Panic Attack

Tonight I had a panic attack like I've never had before. I've always dealt with anxiety and panic attacks, but never ever to this severity. I was at a Blessing way for my friend(had a fabulous time by the way!), but when it came time to read our blessings and it was MY turn I suddenly freaked. I had a poem that was sort of long.
Suddenly I was shaking, sweating, my skin felt like it was on fire, I couldn't catch my breath and felt as if I couldn't breath. I was trying not to cry and my voice was shaky. There was nothing I could to to control it. Three times while reading it I felt the urge to just stop and leave the room. I didn't think I'd make it through. I stopped a few times to take a deep breath and I'm not sure how much people noticed, but it was quite embarrassing. I've always gotten nervous while reading or on the spot in front of large groups. I knew I'd be nervous, but I never imagined this would happen.


Michelle R said...

I had no idea! I am so sorry! Really, it didn't show AT ALL!
Breath work will give you some relief but do check out the Bach's stuff too!
((Melissa)) you are a wonderful and beautiful person! you should be conident!

Shannon Ryan said...

Yikes!! I agree with Michelle! Just take some deep breaths and be confident - you're awesome! :)

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry that happened! I'm the same way too....I totally freak if I have to speak in front of a group.

Melissa said...

Thanks ladies. I just hope that doesn't happen again!
It's amazing what your body can do to you or make you feel.