Monday, November 3, 2008

My Kid's Are Amazing

I get so much joy from being a Mom.

A few nights ago I asked Kieran "want to sing the ABC song?". Totally thinking I'd be singing as he tried to follow along. Well, to my surprise, before I even opened my mouth to sing, he started singing it and sang the whole thing! I was shocked! About at shocked as when he counted up to 10 during the summer. Children are so amazing with the knowledge they absorb.

Tonight Nevin came up to me while I was crocheting and said he was bored. I asked him if he'd like to learn how to crochet and he said "sure, is it hard?". He picked it up rather quickly. He now knows the single chain :). He can be my crochet buddy! He's so proud of himself and I'm proud of him. Not only am I proud that he picked up on it, but even more because he didn't give up when he thought it was too confusing.


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Wow, you SHOULD be proud of him! Crocheting is reeeaally hard to learn... took me a few tries. But then again, kids are so much faster at learning new skills.

Tabitha W. said...

that's because they have a good mama!

i often find myself doing a double take, especially with ben, trying to figure how and when did he learn to do that?? it's the best thing to watch :)