Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Time

We had such a fun Halloween!

Kieran started the day by painting a pie pumpkin:

Later we set up the candy on the porch with a sign saying to help yourself to a handful. We do this so that we can go out as a family. After having some pizza we headed out for some Trick or Treating! Nevin was an Unknown Phantom(his mask was neat...he could see out, but you couldn't see in). Kieran was a Zebra. He loved showing everyone his tail..."do you see my tail?" They both really enjoyed going out. K was such a big boy about it. He'd walk up and hold his bucket out and say "trick or treat" then he'd say "Thank you" or "Happy Halloween" ...he's getting so big! He was a little freaked out by Nevin's mask, but handled it quite well. Every so often he'd say "hi Nevin" and " Nevin...are you being scary?" and Nevin would say "yup, I'm being scary" and all was okay. I guess it was his little way of making sure everything was okay. :) Nevin was such a good big brother...helping Kieran up and down porch steps.

Since K is vegan...we bought a few bags of vegan friendly candy and when we got home, we quickly swapped out the candy with the new stuff. He was none the wiser to it. I'm curious as to what other vegan kiddo's do on Halloween when it comes to candy?

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Here are some pics.

As you can see by the picture above...Nevin was soooo done and wanted me to stop taking pictures already! Hahaha.


Veg said...

So fun!! :-) I buy the vegan friendly candy, and this year I even made some candy... yum yum...

Tabitha W. said...

what a cute little zebra! that's so funny about showing off his tail :) said...

I know you've been busy scrappin all your adorable pics. Let's see some of those layouts!