Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Play Date

Today was a fun day. We had a play date! Shannon and Gwen came over. I love seeing the little ones interact. Kieran seems to be interacting more and more lately. I still need to work on him with sharing, though how many 2 year old love to share all the time? Haha. And I always enjoy good conversation.

Nevin is loving his skate camp! Today he came home all sweaty. He worked hard out there, learning new tricks and all. I always love hearing about his days. The only thing he's bummed about it that the 2 counselors that have been there every year aren't there this year. But he seems to be liking the new guys!

I made a new layout!
I took a picture of it and it's a bit crooked, not the actual LO...just the picture of it. I thought this paper was perfect for it. I can't believe how young Nevin looks. It doesn't seem that long ago!


Sarah said...

Before I read the post I was wondering who that little boy was!! He looks so little! Awesome layout!

Tabitha W. said...

love the layout! i wish i knew some folks around here for play dates. the few that i've been too were so un-fun!