Sunday, January 25, 2009


Nevin had a few teeth removed by the dentist yesterday. He was so brave and I'm so proud of him! Later when he was feeling a bit better, Josh took the boys to Chuck E Cheese. :)

Speaking of that. Why does insurance have to be such a pain in the butt? The receptionist at the dentist told us our balance(which to our surprise is a lot!)so we asked why it was so much as there must be a mistake. Well, evidently our dental insurance doesn't want to cover my wisdom teeth removal. They are saying medical should pay for it. Ummm..what?? So my dentist is saying they can't even bill medical for whatever reason and that we'll need to call dental and work it all out. So frustrating.


Shannon Ryan said...

Insurance is the most annoying thing in the world!! GRRR!

Leah said...

Insurance is like a foreign language to me...grr. Hope you get it figured out.