Friday, January 16, 2009

Car Trouble

UGH!! So Josh calls me at nearly 6:00pm and tells me the car won't start. He's called AAA (at 5ish,was on hold for a 1/2 an hour) and they are sending a tow truck out. they should be there anytime between then and 8:49. Okay, great perfect...just what we need. So he waits and waits and waits. 9:00 rolls around and still no sign. Finally at around 11:00am they call to say that they didn't get the information that the car was in a parking garage and the only truck they have that fits in one broke down. WTH? He told them it was in a parking garage!!! So another company finally came at nearly midnight and he's on his way home. It only took like 6+ hours. Luckily he wasn't stranded on the side of the road freezing. He was in a nice warm office. I guess they are really busy today. It's so cold that everyone is having car trouble.

We have no idea whats wrong with the car. Josh said it's not the battery(which kinda sucks since that's a pretty easy fix) and the car wasn't giving us any warning signs.
I just hope it doesn't cost a lot to repair.


Shannon Ryan said...

Oh no!! Car trouble sucks! :(

Leah said...

Yuck, what a mess!! Glad everyone was safe. Hopefully it's something simple (and cheap) to fix.