Monday, February 25, 2008

We Are All Booked!

Well, we booked our airline tickets, hotel and rental car! So we are all set. I'm sooo excited!!! We'll be leaving in early April and staying about 5 days. Yippee! We can't wait. Our hotel is cool because it has a kitchenette , which will be very helpful since we are vegan and have a toddler. I'm going to do more research on nearby vegan friendly restaurants though...just in case we want to eat out. We're going to Marathon and hopefully to Islamorada, Bahia Honda and Key West. It's going to be wonderful. I'm still nervous about the plane ride if anyone has any encouraging words..that would be great! I'm worried I'll get on the plane and decide I can't do it and get off. LOL...I just really don't know what to expect, having never been on one!


BePe Baby said...

Wow sounds awesome!!!

Shannon Ryan said...

YAAAAAAAAAY!!! It's always the best feeling when you get things actually BOOKED! Don't worry about the plane.. focus on the kids having fun with it.. and you'll be fine! Besides, nervous momma= nervous kiddos... so you gotta at least LOOK tough! haha You're going to have a great time!

Leah said...

I don't like flying much either. But, it was actually easier when I flew with the three kids, because I was so busy fussing over them that I didn't have time to think all of my crazy thoughts.

Just envision the palm trees you'll be seeing when you land!

Vegmom said...

That is so great. I hope you have a great time...I can offer some travel tips from our own veggie travel experiences :-) but this may be a long comment... so delete if you'd like..

I always make a trail mix, throwing all of these in a big bowl... Different grain cereals, puffy cereals, pretzels, peanuts, choco-chips, raisins.. etc... Just mix it all up in a big bowl and then seperate in to single servings enough for several days and all in your family. As a last resort these are great snacks for the plane, hotel rooms, at the beach etc. Obviously age appropriate finger foods for littler ones... I even make these for myself when traveling on business because I rarely get to eat anything worthy of substance when sitting in business meetings. So I pull out my handy snack packs to get me through the day.

Also for the little ones... something about the plane makes them have to go pee a little too much on take off and descending so be sure they are in a fresh dipe before settling in to your seat. (I learned this one the hard way)

Not sure if you use a stroller, but even if you are wearing the little one through the airport, the stroller is great to hold your bags and carseat if you bring one. And then you can check it at the gate, just before you find your seat.

New toys - I always get something new that he hasn't ever used or seen before, and I save it for just before the breaking point of boredome, then surprise him with the new thing. This works for car trips too.

Otherwise, a bag for snacks and a bag for entertainment is your best bet. My Little one slept on the airplane but not all of them do.

I'm sure I can send more :-)

Melissa said...

Those are GREAT ideas! Love the trail mix idea and getting a new toy to whip out on the plane. We are taking the stoller and probably the car seat for our rental car(he'll be sitting on our lap on the plane). But we aren't sure if we check the stroller and carseat or how. Also, I know we are allowed a carry on bag but does a diaper bag count as a carry on? I'm just so clueless! LOL! Thansk so much for your help!! :)

Vegmom said...

We were clueless too so don't feel bad.

We carried our carseat on the plane (the first time we traveled) because we baught him a seat. and it was a PAIN to get through the small isle and buckled in etc. But he slept the whole way in his comfortable seat so I was glad at the end. The second time he was older and we Checked it with our luggage. The airline people put it in a really good plastic bag that kept it safe and dry. So if he is sitting in your lap, then you can probably check yours with your luggage.

The stroller you can check as you board the plane. So you can keep it with you to help carry everything or stroll your little one through the airports, then when you board the plane they will give you a ticket and take the stroller. Its called Gate checking.... Most airlines do this, you can ask yours to be sure.

As for the diaper bag, Yes, your little ones also get two carry ons. So that is fine to bring with you. But anything that doesn't fit under the seats will have to go in the overhead. I have taken pretty big back packs that fit under the seat though.

Also you can't take liquids through security. But can have baby/toddler supplies so be sure you check the website if your bringing anything on the plane and if it is safe. If your still b-feeding... Doing so on take off and landing can help with the little ones ears. You can buy drinks once through security for your older guy.

Hmmm? What else did we learn...

Oh, this is another thing, the little ones have to go through the security thing with out being held. So for example, you have to pass them through to your Hubby. but you can't walk through with them. This was bad for us, because I had to let Veg walk through in front of me, and he was terrified of the guy on the other side, and they made me wait before I could go through a couple seconds to grab him. I had all these bad images of lost or stollen kid.... So we learned and the next flight, we had me go through, then veg then Hubby. So Veg was passed off to me on the other side of the scanner. Hope that makes sense.

K- I think thats everything! Do lots of Yawning, to keep your ears popped during landing... Take safe Sunscreen and have fun!!!

Melissa said...

Wow, seriously, thank you so much for all of your help! I was so worried about all of that. I didn't know you were allowed so many carry! That will help a lot. I was thinking one carry on per adult or something.

By the way...I was surpised by your username at 1st because I use that name all over the web as my user name and have forver! lol. Too funny!

Jules said...

Oh it will be so fun!! Yes, new toy, snacks, anything to help you get thru the trip.