Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Florida Keys!!!

We've been planning our vacation and it's been so fun! 1st we thought about Disney, then decided on Sanibel Island for March, then thought about going to Sanibel for half of our vacation and the Keys for the other half...well, now I think we've settled on just doing the Keys in April(mainly Marathon)!!! We are all so super excited!! I've never been to Florida and only to the Ocean once when it was chilly in Connecticut. I've never even been on a plane! I'm pretty nervous about that one. But it's only for a few hours, I think I'll be OK. My main concern is that I'll freak out because I'm clausterphobic(thanks Mom lol) and the mere thought of being restricted to the plane makes me feel like I cannot breath...kinda like now! We have so many things to plan and think about. I can't wait to book it all so it will be set in stone. Woo hoo!!! We are going to Florida!!! Nevin is totally thrilled!

Just remembered that we also went to the Ocean in Boston. :)

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Leah said...

That sounds so amazing! Have a great time & take lots of pics :)