Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Scrap Style

The challenge over at Scrap Garden is to use a letter in your name to define your scrap style.

Well, I have 3 S's in my name(including my last name here) and my scrap style is simple, simple, simple!

Even when I try to jazz it up it comes out pretty simple(other than a few rare, busy layouts) but that's okay with me! I LOVE simple layouts, with nice clean lines. I feel like it draws more focus to the photo's.


Sarah said...

Great job on the challenge....I'm still thinking about mine :D

Amy Callahan said...

COOL challenge! I am so behind on the whole computer thing. The weather is just too pretty to stay inside!!! Love catching up on your blog though!

Melissa said...

I'm behind too.

The weather is too nice to stay inside but while nursing it's all I can online! ;)