Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nutty Bars

I had a few dreams last night and all of them revolved around a Nutty Bar. Something to do with Josh's Grandma...except she was the Queen of England and there was a lady the was dressed up like Princess Diana but it wasn't her...she came in for food from the buffet but went back to the guest house where she was staying. Anyway...through all the dreams I had my whole goal was to find time to eat this nutty bar that was sitting on top of a piano. I wanted it sooo badly! I never did get to eat it. Weird dream. I wonder if there is something in it that my body needs or thinks it needs. Cyn...maybe you can help me out here with some advice lol.


Sarah said...

I think you need to go out and buy yourself a nutty bar! :) Interesting dream!

veganbaby said...

What a weird dream! I was thinking of Nutty Bars the other day. It just came out of the blue.
I wonder if there is a vegan recipe out there. Dipping chocolate in PB just doesn't cut it.