Friday, April 27, 2007

Childhood Television Shows

Over at Scrap Garden...the blog challenge is What is the oldest television show you actually remember watching as a child?
Well, I think the very 1st one I can remember is The Polka Dot door . Man, I loved that show so much! A few others would be Pinwheel (I think my favorite part was when the green bug characters danced around on the ledge outside), Todays Special and Fraggle Rock those poor Doozers lol. Oh, and a few more would be Pooh's Corner, Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers and Mr. Dress Up(who when I was a kid always thought they were brothers). So those are some of the 1st shows I remember watching. Ahhh...brings back memories :)
What ever happened to shows like this that encouraged imagination?
Also, Laura mentioned Saturday Morning Cartoons. Remember looking forward to those? Well, now with things like Cartoon's just not as fun. I feel lucky to have had the great shows we had growing up!:)


Sarah said...

Fraggle Rock was the best!! I totally forgot about that one!

veganbaby said...

I remember Pinwheel spinning around! Also I remember reading Fraggle Rock, but not watching it. Ohh Snorkels! I remember them.

Tabitha W. said...

Aww man! I should have read everyone else's answers first. How could I leave out Farggle Rock?? I don't remember the Polka Dot Door one though.

Christy said...

Fraggle Rock is one my all-time favorites!!! I totally remember Today's Special too -- thanks for the fun clip.

zorak163 said...

I liked Today's Special and Fraggle Rock. After watching that clip, though, I realized that the only thing I remembered was that the mannequin came to life... it's weird to know that I watched it all of the time and didn't recall anything else about it. Thanks for posting the clip!