Monday, June 21, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Man, seems like forever since I blogged last.
So much has been going on! Where to start.

Chloe is now 8 months old...can you believe it? She gives high fives(sometimes can't get her to stop hehe)she says, nunununu(for num num which is what we call nursing and this was actually her 1st real word!), kitty(been saying that since about 6ish months) and dada. She can army crawl to get what she wants and she finally got a tooth! She waves her hand up and down on her mouth to make silly sounds and loves playing with her brothers. Just so many new things! I'm sure I'll remember something later that I forgot to mention.

I started an Etsy shop! You can see pics on the side of my blog. I'm selling hair bows, hair bow holders, clips and hopefully more soon. I just started it so I'm still getting the hang of it all. If you have an Etsy account, please add me as a favorite! :)

I'll be back to post some pics and things tomorrow. Now it's time to wind down before hitting the hay.

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