Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vegan Celebrities

I came across this list of vegan celebrities and wanted to share. It's so neat to see just how many there are out there! I'm sure there are even more that are missing.

Vegan Actors, Actresses, Comedians, and Producers

•Alicia Silverstone
•Alyssa Milano
•Carrie Anne Moss
•Casey Affleck
•Casey Kasem
•Daryl Hannah
•Demi Moore
•Daniel Negreanu (professional poker player)
•Elijah Wood
•Ellen DeGeneres
•Emily Deschanel
•Gillian Anderson
•Ginnifer Goodwin
•Heather Mills
•Jennifer Connelly
•Joaquin Phoenix
•Keenan Ivory Wayens
•Kevin Nealon
•Mutt Lange
•Natalie Portman
•Pamela Anderson
•Portia de Rossi
•River Phoenix
•Sandra Oh
•Tea Leoni
•The Artist, formerly known as Prince
•Toby Maguire
•Vanessa A. Williams
•Weird Al Yankovic
•Woody Harrelson
•Zooey Deschanel

Vegan Athletes

•Brendan Brazier (ironman triathlete)
•Carl Lewis (Olympic Track Star)
•Ed Templeton (pro skateboarder)
•George Laraque (NHL)
•Jack LaLaine (fitness guru)
•John Salley (former NBA player)
•Lucy Stephens (triathlete)
•Mac Danzig (Ultimate fighting)
•Martina Navratilova (tennis)
•Pat Neshek (Minnesota Twins pitcher)
•Ronda Rousey (judo)
•Sally Eastall (marathoner)
•Scott Jurek (marathoner) •Tony Gonzalez (American football)

Vegan Leaders

•Benjamin Spock, M.D.
•Coretta Scott King (Martin L.K., Jr's wife)
•Dennis Kucinich (US Congressman)
•Ingrid Newkirk
•Leonardo Da Vinci
•Mohandas Ghandi

Vegan Musicians

•Alanis Morissette
•Andy Hurley
•Anoushka Shankar
•Anthony Kiedis
•Barry White
•Brian Bell
•Bryan Adams
•Erykah Badu
•Fiona Apple
•Jason Mraz <--- love this guy.
•Joan Jett
•K.D. Lang
•Michael Franti
•Phil Collins
•Shania Twain
•Sinead O'Connor


Forever Feline said...

Wow! This is excellent. Thanks for sharing. Poeple who regard Vegans and Vegetarians as aliens need just take a look at this to realise THEY are becoming outnumbered :) :) :)

veganbaby said...

That is awesome!

Kristen's Raw said...

I love reading those lists. Yay for Vegan!