Monday, October 5, 2009

Belly Painting

I thought it would be fun for Kieran to paint my belly today! I picked Halloween colors and let him go to town finger painting. He got really into it and eventually all those colors turned into one big grey..haha! I think Chloe really enjoyed it too. She started moving a whole lot. What a beautiful way for us all to connect. Maybe when Nevin is feeling better(he's sick) he'll be interested in partaking in belly painting. I won't hold my breath though :P. What am I saying....I have 12(more like 11 now) days until my EDD!!! I never make it to my due date so we'll see. We might not even have time to do this again. Anyway, Kieran had quite a lot of fun and we made a big mess.:) While in the bath and after cleaning my belly off he said "Lets do that again!".
Here are some pictures. I think my belly looks bigger in these than it actually is. I had to hold the camera out myself and got some weird angles.

Please ignore the boob grab. I was holding up my shirt and wasn't thinking...ha!


Tabitha W. said...

that's so fun! i wish i had done something like that with ben.

i can't believe it's almost time!

Shannon Ryan said...

what great pics!! i can't believe how soon til she's here!!!

Veg said...

Oh how fun is that! :-)

And man the time does fly (easy for me to say)

I was going to get in touch with you next week when we visit MI, but maybe we'll have to make it next year.

Seems you will either be having a baby by the time we arrive or just getting done having a baby and in either case, you certainly won't want to be meeting bloggers. :-)

But I'll be thinking about you. And maybe next Fall we can meet.

Sarah said...

Wow! That is absolutely adorable! I can't believe it's almost time either!

Melissa said...

I would have loved to have met you you, Veg! Have fun visiting MI! :)

BePe Baby said...

So fun! I think you might have a baby before your next update. What do you think?