Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cute Sayings Of A Two Year Old

I'm sure I won't remember everything, but I just wanted to jot down some cute things before I forget.

We've recently discovered that Kieran calls lines(as in standing in line) "Lions"...No Mama, I don't want to stand in a Lion!"...hehe. It's adorable.

This morning before our walk, I asked him if he wanted to take his toast with us and he said "No, I don't want a picnic!".

Later on I asked him if he would throw something away for me and he looked at me through the corner of his eye and said "Whatever" and walked away. A smart mouth already? Hehe.

He also calls me "Sweetie" from time to that from Josh.

There are just soooo any funny things that he says on a daily basis. I need to start writing them all down. I think most of it you'd have to hear for yourself as it's got a lot to do with the tone of his voice and expressions.

I just remembered another one. He likes to talk to the cats and asks them questions. Today he was asking Willy if he wanted to come with us. While waiting for an answer I explained that Willy doesn't talk like we do. So he said "Yes he does. Willy meows to talk...he talks with meows". Hehe! He's right. What a smart boy!


Shannon Ryan said...

Simply adorable!! I remember him calling you sweetie the other day! Too sweet! :)

Anonymous said...

AWWWW.....what a cutie pie!!!! I need to go and see him again...I miss hearing all his cute little sayings

Anonymous said...

from your post, i almost can't wait until my little one is older. but i can wait, it seems that she is growing so fast. i just also wanted to say, "thank you" for having the values that you do regarding parenting. i'm happy to know that there are other women in cahoots with me.

Tabitha W. said...

that's so sweet! i love going back and reading all the little things i've forgotten while the boys are growing.