Monday, June 16, 2008

Mother Son Time

It's occurred to me lately that Nevin and I really need some time to just have some fun and enjoy each other. Kieran requires so much of my time and attention and now that the warm weather is here and school is out, he's hardly around. Kid's are knocking at the door in the morning asking him to come out and play and I only see him for a few minutes here and there when he "checks in" or asks to go somewhere. I have to MAKE him come in to eat, just for him to run back out or have his friends come in. I think Josh gets a good amount of time with him while I'm putting Kieran to sleep and all that jazz. Well, I've decided to have a Mother, Son game night! We love playing board games together and always have fun! We use to do so much together before Kieran was born as he was an only child for nearly 9 years. Things changed so much between us after that, it seems. So we just need more time to connect. Just the two us and have some laughs.

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Tabitha W. said...

mommy and nevin dates are a fine idea! don't beat yourself up though. yes, your attention has been diverted by keiran but nevin is also coming into the age of self discovery. and as hard as it is, our children grow up on us. remind me of this when ben approaches nevin's age ;)