Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mommy and Me Swim and Other Things

Kieran and I had our first Mommy and Me swim class last night. It was fun, but he wasn't too cooperative. He loves bath time and shallow water but being in deep water seems to freak him out and he clings to me. Hopefully he'll loosen up a bit as he gets use to it! I think it's actually called Parent and Tot swim class or something so Josh can join in sometime if he wants! :)

We have tickets to see the Doodlebops on the 23rd and we are so excited! Kieran loves them as does our whole family! And for those of you that may think it's unfair to Nevin that we went to Sesame Street Live and now The Doodlebops...well, I wanted to take him to see High School Musical On Ice but he doesn't want to! I did however just take him to the movies to see Penelope over the weekend. It was a cute movie with a good lesson...love yourself for who you are. We both enjoyed it and it was nice spending some one on one time together. I figure while we are in Ohio we'll visit the science ceneter there...he'll like that.
Wow, it sure seems like our family is doing a lot. We normally don't do any of these things..but it sure is fun!!!

Well, looks as if we'll be having a snow storm tonight! Hope the roads don't get too bad for Josh's drive home...plus Nevin has swim class tonight.


Jules said...

I think we need some pics of this! :)

Sarah said...

I am going to look into a swim class like that in our area! Sounds like a great thing! Love the look of your blog by the way! :)

BePe Baby said...

Thaht is something I really need to get into with my boys! Hope he loosens up for you