Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Is Coming

So we finally have our tree up. We still have some last minute shopping to do and I still have nothing to wear! Why does it have to be so stressful? I mean it's fun and I LOVE is my favorite holiday after all but jeez.

I am having my root canal finished on sat times! Not looking forward to that but so glad that I won't be in pain anymore...yippee!!!

We had a play date today! It was great. My friend came over with her almost 2 year old little girl (who has a crush on Nevin...too cute!) and the 9 month old baby boy that she babysits for. It was great having some adult interaction.

This week Kieran has started the whole not sharing thing. Oh boy...I do not like this phase. Every time on of the other little ones has one of his toys he flipped out. Seriously...he just started doing this, out of the blue, yesterday! He never use to care before. Speaking of Kieran...he's awake! Gotta go. More later. :D

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Amy Callahan said...

I hope your root canal went ok!!! I really can't wait till Christmas. Nicky is getting that robot, and I am so excited for him!!!
Happy Holidays!!! :)