Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kieran's Growing Up So Fast!

I just wanted to update on all of the new things Kieran does!
Well, he's walking up a storm and even running! He's becoming so independent!
He's also talking up a storm. Here are all the words he can say(I'm sure I'll forget some though):
Willy(our cat)
Chocho(our other cat)
Wah wah(water)
Num num(for food and nursing)
No no(lol)
Ruff ruff(for dog)
Meh(for meow)
Wee wee(that's what he calls feet from me doing "this little piggy" with his toes)
Nigh night(night night)
Ring(for the phone ringing)
Pee Pee
Wee(for swing)
Boo boo
Well, those are ones I can remember and after typing them out I'm shocked by just ow many he knows! He also has his own made up for things. Like for vacuum, car etc.

He loves playing with Nevin and they have so much fun together! He loves food and playing outside. He tells us that he wants to go outside by pointing to the door and saying "walk"(as in walking in the yard or going for a walk) and by saying "wee" for the swing in our backyard. I can't get over how fast he learns!

He loves the cats to death and walks after them all day. He's gotten much better with petting them and hardly ever pulls their hair anymore. :) Though he still remembers getting scratched by out cat Snowflake MONTHS ago!! He rubs is arm and says's "ow, boo boo" LOL.

He has 5 teeth now and is working on his 6th!

And I can't leave without mentioning my sweet boy, Nevin. He has got to be the best big brother ever! He plays so well with Kieran and really helps out. He may complain at times but hey, what can you expect? LOL.

He is acting more and more the a teenager everyday! He's doing well, with homeschooling, has lots of friends and plays outside a lot...riding his bike and skate board.

His hair is getting way too long now and really needs a cut or at least a trim. Boy he was not happy when he heard that!

So that's my update on the kiddo's. :D


veganbaby said...

Awww! We need pics! I can't believe how fast he is growing!

Sarah said...

Wow! It's amazing how fast they grow up! What a great vocabulary!!